‘Common Shit’ scrawled on sidewalk outside Commonwealth

I wish everybody could’ve seen our buddy Carlos do “Common People” at karaoke last night. It was probably even better than Pulp doing it at Glastonbury in ’95.

[via The Minutes]

5 Responses to “‘Common Shit’ scrawled on sidewalk outside Commonwealth”

  1. jon says:

    Captain Kirk does an amazing version on his album Has Been. The whole friggin’ album is great in fact.


  2. The Problem with Larry says:

    I hate taggers. But in this case at least I agree with their opinion, if not their methods. But lets be clear: there is no more common shit than a common tagger. Pot, kettle, black spray paint.

  3. tk says:

    If this is a very concise restaurant review, I have to agree. Commonwealth was one of the more disappointing meals I’ve had in a long time. That place is massively overrated.