Door me baby one more time

Here’s a killer Missed Connection from a few days back:

To the man who doored me off my bicycle and into a Lexus on Capp St. – w4m – 22 (mission district)

You can make it up to my with dinner and drinks. If the brunette is your girlfriend, she is not invited.


[link] [Completely unrelated photo by grzmot]

12 Responses to “Door me baby one more time”

  1. Christy says:

    I am sorry. I used to ride my bike in San Francisco, and now I’m in Boca Raton, Fl. There is no awareness for bike riders down here, and feel I am constantly trying to prevent something like this happening on a daily basis.

    BTW, what is a Lexus doing on Capp Street? I left in 2004, but have things changed that much???

  2. rod says:

    ah, the girls who love assholes

  3. Rajeev Dhar says:

    ha ha love it! No guts no glory!

  4. no fish today says:

    those hams

  5. Oz says:

    He just might a-door her in return.

  6. why says:

    he ain’t gonna respond to this – he’ll get his ass sued…

  7. Bob Dole says:

    The things trophy girls will do these days to look for a rich guy.

  8. me says:

    I saw this whole thing, it was the most funny dooring situation. If there ever was one.

    Her reaction to the door-y was priceless.

    Her flirtation was on in a flood of “oh wow’s are you ok?”