Fun with sobriety

This guy Drew just published an essay called “I Got So Sober Last Night, Dude.” Here’s an excerpt:

Yeah, I’m so awake today, dude. I haven’t been this awake since that last time we got all sober on that one Wednesday. Yeah, man, remember that? That one in April? You came home at a moderate hour and were like, “man, I might catch up on my DVR tonight.” And then I was all, “cool, I’m pretty tired and might just fall asleep about three quarters of the way into a documentary on Netflix.” We got crazy sober that night and were like, “NEVER again!” Guess what? BOOM. Blew that one.

Read on for the full rundown. I can tell this is funny, but I’m not sure I totally relate. I usually get drunk when watching documentaries on Netflix.

[via Gaelen]

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