Mission Mission Gift Guide: Taxidermy deer head Lego kit by David Cole

David Cole is one of the geniuses that redesigned our blog for us earlier this year. Now he’s moved on to bigger and better things, namely the creation of custom Lego sets with custom-procured Lego pieces and hand-drawn instruction booklets.

I am excited to officially launch my shop with the release of the deer LEGO kit. I’ve tried building it with real pieces now, and I need to make a couple structural changes, but it will look the same. Also, I’m hand drawing the graphics for the instruction manual, which should be fun and painstaking.

Read on for the full story and pics of the instruction booklets, or just buy the kit here. Orders must be in by December 5th if you want it in time for Christmas. (David’s shop also has a kickass homemade crossword puzzle for sale.)

12 Responses to “Mission Mission Gift Guide: Taxidermy deer head Lego kit by David Cole”

  1. batman says:

    I AM DEFF GETTING ONE ! anyways i can just skip ma ass to the mission and just pick one up w/o dealing with the internet? let me know !

    • David says:

      Hey, if anyone in the Mission wants to carry these, I’d be thrilled to wholesale them.

      • batman says:

        have you talked to breezy at needles and pens? i think she would dig them and maybe do a short run. but anyway i can just grab on from you in the hood? i just dont wanna pay shipping for something i can grab on a burrito run :)

  2. meg says:

    How big is the deer when finally assembled?

    • David says:

      I shoulda included a size comparison photo somewhere. It’s standard LEGO pieces, so it just about fits in the palm of your hand.

      • I wouldn’t use the phrase “standard LEGO pieces”, although I understand what you mean about size, because I just evaluated the model in relation to the several buckets of parts that I own, and realized that I have few, if any, of the parts used to build this model (going by the colors in this photo). The parts in the antlers, especially, and backing, less so, look either hand-carved or derived from limited-edition kits.

        • David says:

          Right yeah, I just meant if you know how big a LEGO piece is, you can work out how large the whole kit is. I’m ordering all the parts off BrickLink, where all the parts are readily available. The antlers are #88292 which is rare, but not so rare that there aren’t thousands available.

  3. Christina says:

    Are the antlers tan? the 2nd color that comes up in BrickLink? The first is white, then what looks like the color you used. Thanks!

  4. Justus Loosli says:

    HI there,
    I am wondering since you are sold out if I could buy the instructions? I am 10 yrs old and have thousands upon thousands of legos. My grandparents buy them at garage sales. I want to build this for my Dad for christmas! He will love it and totally loves Legos!!
    PS this Christmas has to be handmade (moms orders!)