Mission Mission Gift Guide: Punk Swap Meet this weekend!

Speakeasy is hosting, and there’s lots going on:

Punk Swap Meet:
Saturday, Dec 17th, 1-6 PM
1195 Evans Avenue

-Tons of tables selling records, zines, clothes, crafts
-Tape swap–bring a mix to trade!
-$3 beers on tap
-Food from Eagle Dog (with veg/vegan options)
-DJ’s Kirka Sherpa, Güera, JoNeric, and 1 TBA.

If anyone’s interested in setting up and selling, email joneric94609@gmail.com.

You’re sure to find the perfect gift for the punk on your list! RSVP and invite your friends!

8 Responses to “Mission Mission Gift Guide: Punk Swap Meet this weekend!”

  1. No fish today says:

    a whole lot more than just merchandise is gonna be swapped here

  2. Kirka Sherpa says:

    This is not to be missed!! Gay Kiss (phx) and Ecoli (sf) to play @ 24th and vermont that night as well!!!

  3. scum says:

    How many people that read mm actually like punk?

  4. Kirka Sherpa says:

    Hey scum have you even heard these bands?

  5. Omer Sapien says:

    Of course not – people are on here too much to get out and see shit.