The corner of 16th and Harrison needs more bike racks

32 Responses to “The corner of 16th and Harrison needs more bike racks”

  1. PN says:

    Yeah, some dingle berry locked their bike to my bike there the other night. I had to stand around and wait for him. I mean, I had to stand around and drink, while waiting for him to show up. Then I kicked his ass.

  2. hopefully no one discovers my SUPER SECRET lock up spot at that corner!

  3. pussy cat dues says:

    So, are you guys on Dear Mom’s payroll or what? If not, you should be.

    • Chris says:

      Or maybe a rival bar? Cause after all these posts, I really wouldn’t wanna check it out now.

      • truth says:

        This is what I have been saying for so long. But I guess we’re all wrong and blogs that become ads for days at a time are super cool.

        • Helen Tseng says:

          Hey jerks, at no point in this post did we mention a bar, much less advertise one.

          • scum says:

            Your previous post about the accident at 18th and Harrison mention’s Dear Mom, that’s probably why the “jerks” are bringing it up.

          • Helen Tseng says:

            Oh sorry, I forgot about that time we staged a car accident to virally market our favorite bar!

          • scum says:

            Funny stuff Helen.

          • truth says:

            Helen, we both know that when you’re writing about a car accident it doesn’t make sense to mention Dear Mom’s unless you want to plug them. Now, this in itself isn’t horrible except for the fact that basically every post where it’s possible to plug Dear Mom’s MM does. I was wrong when I said MM should become MarketingMarketing. It should become TheDearMomReport.

          • Nick Pal says:

            Jesus, truth, you’re fucking crazy

          • Chris says:

            After all the other Dear Mom posts, you didn’t have to. Great job!

        • Lindsey says:

          hey tough guy. i’m the one who mentioned we were at dear mom, to imply that i didn’t *actually* see what happened, but the collision was loud enough that we heard it over the bar chatter & jukebox. so if you have such a problem with my friends and i, at least you know where to find us when you’d rather talk face-to-face than over the internet.

          • truth says:

            I think you’re the one being the tough guy.

          • “Truth”, you’re the one who is acting like a bully, tough or not, and for no reason other than to preserve your dignity on the internet. Lindsey is only testifying to what she knows and said, and challenging you to dispute that to her face. If you have a real grievance, take her up on her offer to surprise her. She isn’t going to beat you up. Her friends aren’t going to beat you up (have you seen her friends?!)

            At least, have the strength to shut up or talk it over.

  4. scum says:

    Nothing better then a bunch of drunks trying to ride their bikes. High comedy.

  5. MotorcycleBoy says:

    Track Bike Larry convention!

  6. mmmmfood says:

    Ah yes, the intersection where my car got keyed last weekend, and I can only assume the person had just come from Dear Mom

  7. Ryan Dodge says:

    The SFMTA recently stenciled for three more bike racks here (six bike parking spaces) that should be installed soon. SFMTA also left their contact information with staff to request a bike corral if they want one (haven’t heard back yet).

  8. MegMurph says:

    You could also mention there was an alley cat last night that after partied at Dear Mom’s

  9. und1sk0 says:

    fuck me, that’s what mariposa and potrero is gonna look like in a month.

  10. und1sk0 says:

    whats the point of walking my bike up the hill and going back down to drink. think, man!

    srsly, if i can’t park my sweet ride in the bar bitches will get choked.

  11. Jawl says:

    Thieves Tavern, Whiskey Thieves, Thieves on Thieves about Thieves, Dear Mom, Dear Abbey, Miss Manners…I really don’t give a shit. I just hope that the tenders of MHS get to keep their jobs and that the regular clientele don’t feel like they’re being pushed out. Mariposa and Potrero is a corner I go to because I love the people at the bar there. It has never mattered to me which bar named that corner has boasted.