When Critical Mass rides circles in busy intersections

The official SF Critical Mass Facebook account 19 minutes ago asked its followers to comment on the tradition of circling in major intersections during the ride. Some good answers right off the bat:

Read on for more, and do be on the lookout for Critical Mass this evening.

(Why something like SF Critical Mass has an official Facebook account in the first place remains a mystery.)

12 Responses to “When Critical Mass rides circles in busy intersections”

  1. scum says:

    Hypocritical Massholes.

  2. Dr. Fart says:

    critical mass on my ding-a-ling

  3. Ariel Dovas says:

    Also, Hugh is on of the best illustrators in town.

  4. hitownedjs says:

    Just gimme a ring-a-ling
    If you want some ding-a-ling!

    Critical mass is not defined by facebook posts.

  5. Tico says:

    You’re right, they’re defined by their idiotic & spoiled childish behavior.

  6. The Final Authority on How to Be. says:

    Basically it’s fun to do and horrible to be around.
    I did the 5 year ride and the cops cracked heads and we rioted. Did the 10 year ride too, it was fun. When I watch them go by now, I’m embarrassed to be a cyclist…I mean, they are full-on kooks. No wonder all the messengers (when there were hundreds in the city) NEVER rode in the Mass and hated it. IT’S NOT COOL. period.

    • SeanDoe says:

      the “messengers” are all tools that the modern day hipsters strive so hard to be. Basically, high school drop outs delivering mail on their huffys.

  7. SFdoggy says:

    It is interesting that there are actually some people worried about being rude and inconsiderate. It had also seemed to me that was the whole point of Critical Mass — it is designed to screw up traffic and inconvenience drivers. Sure there are some people who are there just because they like to ride; but if the organizers actually cared about anyone else, there is lots they could do to make it less inconvenient for everyone.

    If cyclists wanted more respect and support from others, they really should ditch Critical Mass.

  8. Allan, your post contains an error. The Facebook page in question is not the official Critical Mass page, and clearly says so:

    “This is the UNOFFICIAL page of the San Francisco Critical Mass ride. If you want you can start your own!”

    In fact there are several other San Francisco Critical Mass pages. This is just one that was started by a group of Critical Mass enthusiasts in order to facilitate discussion with the community, which I suppose it has.

    It’s a common belief that Critical Mass exists in order to antagonize drivers, but I have noticed that when people say this they never supply any evidence to back up this assertion. They just say it as if it were a fact. If anyone has any evidence that the bulk of people at Critical Mass are there to make other people’s lives difficult, I’d love to see it. I’ve made this request many times, in many forums, and have never had a response.

    • jacob says:

      I’d imagine obeying traffic laws (especially traffic lights) and impeding the flow of traffic would be a good first step towards proving that the intent is not to antagonize automobile drivers.

      • zomg says:

        I love it when motorists start righteously telling people to obey the traffic laws. It really makes my day.

        • Pedestrian says:

          As a pedestrian dealing with them ON THE SIDEWALK, where legally the are not allowed, shows the hypocrisy in full.