Dolores Park playground ribbon cutting this Saturday

Well, the first major Dolores Park renovation is done, and it just so happens to be the section of the park you’re probably too old to hang out in. This Saturday, check out the ribbon cutting event from 2-4pm.

True to Dolores Park form, there will be a performance with Shredder Hoops, a troupe of scantly-clad women demonstrating their flexibility with flaming hula hoops:

Live music will be provided courtesy of Orange Sherbert, a family-friendly band that writes rap songs about the benefits of eating locally-sourced sustainable seasonal vegetables (no I didn’t just make that up):

Oh, and there’s face painting, if you’re into that. I personally don’t care for it, after the unicorn-whose-head-looked-a-lot-like-a-dick incident of 1986.

[via Dolores Park Works]

9 Responses to “Dolores Park playground ribbon cutting this Saturday”

  1. batman says:

    Dolores park tag session later that nite ! WHO IS IN ?!

  2. scum says:

    And the stupid soap bubble flash mob at noon.

  3. Think_for_Me says:


    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      I occupied Dolores with my seed, but she rejected our love-child at the abortion clinic.

      I think there’s a metaphor there, somewhere.

  4. friend says:

    the scantily clad hula ladies seem a little out of sync for this event, but the rap video was awesomely delicious!!

  5. Susan McDoodle says:

    I thought the invasion of baby strollers from Noe Valley would be kept to the Castro. But nope they want DP also. Lets post lots of Drug Free Zone sign to keep out those hippy pot smokers also. Ahhhh… the Marina creeps closer every day. Lets chat about it over a Marina Girl Salad.