Easter Dinner by Seoul Patch at Dear Mom this Sunday

Can’t wait!

12 Responses to “Easter Dinner by Seoul Patch at Dear Mom this Sunday”

  1. enough says:

    At this point, you’re just posting press releases.

    • Allan Hough says:

      What are you doing?

    • scum says:

      It’s true what he or she is alleging. Allan doesn’t deny this fact.

      Allan: I don’t really mind, some of the press releases are informative. But, I wouldn’t get defensive (“What are you doing?”) either. It is your blog, you can do whatever you want with it. That being said, I would like to see less of these postings and more substantive posts.

  2. bilbo says:

    Yeah, not a single post on how SF is shutting down all cannabis dispensaries, but Dear Mom menus.

    Also, the comeback, “what are you doing” doesn’t really work when what you’re doing, Allan, is posting press releases. ANYTHING is better than that.

    • Tuffy says:

      I kinda feel the posts of garbage on the street is at least on par, if not worse.

      • Rudy says:

        I saw a box of cereal (second one) on the ground busted open this week. I’m confused — do people drop cereal boxes that often? And when they do, do they tend to leave their still OK and semi-burst contents on the street? Is this a San Francisco phenomenon, or is it restricted to Bernal (location of both sightings)?

        I would like to see more investigative reporting on this issue. Thank you for your ruthless, hard hitting, and mind opening work, Mission Mission!

  3. Your Mom Did Last Night says:

    It’s just so obvious that’s they’re greasing your palm. If I was one of your advertisers (assuming they pay for those banners) I’d be pissed that someone else is getting bigger ads and it’s being presented as content.

    As a reader, it makes everything suspect.

    Having been to Dear Mom multiple times I don’t really understand why you suckle her teet so much. That place pretty much blows. The food is over-priced and the bartenders don’t know how to make even the drinks they supposedly specialize in.

    Although, I guess that’s not a problem for you since they are obviously giving you pickleback kickbacks.

    • Allan Hough says:

      Dear Mom rules! (I’m actually planning another Dear Mom post for later today, so brace yourselves.)

    • revenge of the nerds says:

      one way to look at is that mission mission blog organizers are probably friends with the folks behind it and other events that they frequently promote.

      another way to look at it is that there’s a fairly active community of mostly young folks getting shit done and creating jobs/fun for themselves in a time when the traditional machinery has let most of us down.

      lastly there’s the thing where you work to get good at something and the reward is that you made a good thing and got paid better for it than if you just made it so-so. i have no idea if seoul patch falls under this particular umbrella, but it’s definitely a thing that’s going on right now. even if you hate yuppies and the idea of paying $15 for a burger or whatever, here’s your chance to take their money and rip them off for all they’re worth.