Happy Earth Day from Dolores Park

Reader Gabriel F. submitted this photo of the field of trash left behind after yesterday’s revelry. It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as what the Marina folk did to Fort Mason.

36 Responses to “Happy Earth Day from Dolores Park”

  1. think_for_me says:

    Not as bad, but still shitty.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Think-This picture only shows a small portion of the park where as near the ‘beach’, playground, bridge and areas near the tennis courts had heaps of trash!

  2. GG says:

    Not that this is an excuse, but we went by the park Saturday afternoon and every trash/recycling bin in sight was overflowing, with a mountain of trash piled up around the bottom of each one. Is it really that challenging for Rec & Park to either add more trash cans, or empty them more often, on weekend days when the park will be in heavy use? Seeing trash just piling up around the overflowing bins might be encouraging some people to take a “why bother?” attitude toward their own trash. (And yeah, some people will act like pigs regardless, but it couldn’t hurt.)

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Ja, as I mentioned elsewhere, really the park needs more trashcans.

    • think_for_me says:

      There’s a practice most people put into use at campsites, and that’s leave the site cleaner than how you found it. It takes a little extra effort (“effort” may be a foreign construct to some people nowadays), but the payoff is a cleaner environment.

    • Saftyfirst says:

      I love how americans are so entitled that they think, god forbid, they might have to take care of them selves for a moment in their bussy lives of being pamperd and taken care of by the people they blame for problems they cause.

      Carry your shit with you and suck it up. If your too useless to handle the weight of a plastic bag dont get one in the first place.

      • Greg says:

        You need to take a moment out of your bussy life and spell check.

        • Saftyfirst says:

          Oh damn thats fresh! Your science is too tight.

        • Nova says:

          Let’s not forget what is important and that is: Take your trash with you and if the trash cans are over-flowing hold on to it till you can properly dispose of it. Poor grammar does not hurt anyone, unless you feel bad that it was you leaving the trash.

      • Aaron says:

        I’m with Greg. Spell check, grammar check, all of the above.

      • GG says:

        If you’re too useless to learn how to spell or use proper punctuation, you don’t get to leave comments in the first place.

    • milkshake lover says:

      Why is it so hard to take your garbage home with you? Even if you’re not going straight home, there will be garbage cans somewhere else. People are just lazy.

  3. why says:

    How hard it taking it home with ya – geeezzzzeeee

  4. wizzer says:

    what a bunch of lazy ass hipster fucks.

    • Sandra says:

      “Hippies.They’re everywhere. They wanna save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.” -Cartman- (hippies/hipsters, same shit)

  5. Gabriel says:

    Oh it was definitely REALLY BAD. Every trash can in sight was piled with trash extending 6 feet around.. In order for the city to accommodate that much trash.. there’d need to be dumpsters stationed permanently. No thanks to that idea… people should pack their shizz out!

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      People should, obviously, take their trash with them. People are not, realistically, GOING to take their trash with them.

      So add more trash cans. Don’t need dumpsters, but additional normal-sized trash cans scattered around the parks would absolutely help.

      • jomama says:

        people that don’t take their trash with them are not people, they are dipshits.

        Which is why they hang out at Dolores park anyway, so what would you expect.

        • Aaron says:

          The true dipshit is the person that read an article about Dolores Park just to bitch about Dolores Park. (and apparently is not aware of the guidelines for upper case letters taught in 4th grade)

      • think_for_me says:

        Good point, Dokter, the city should provide larger refuse deposit receptacles. However, there is a difference between an explanation and an excuse.

  6. rod says:

    armchair environmentalists are so idealistic and naive. if you want to rely on people being responsible for packing out their trash, the above is the result you get. the city needs more trash cans and dumpsters to accommodate the garbage is all.

  7. No fish today says:

    I had to walk a good distance at Dolores before finding a trash can. You don’t even see a single trash can in that picture.

  8. Paul says:

    I helped the Dolores Park Works clean the next morning and I was very discouraged by amount of trashed left behind by people who used the park the day before. The parked looked beautiful again after we cleaned it. Please do your part and use the park responsibly…

    • Paul says:

      One more thing was that most of the trash that I picked up was recyclable or compostable. The dog owners also kept screaming at their dogs to not eat from the trash heaps and keep in mind that with the new playground, there are a lot of kids and families. Ms. Dolores needed a healing and it’s not hip to trash ‘Hipster Lawn’ but hipper to clean up…

    • Ben says:

      Paul, it was good to meet you at the clean up. I have to echo your statement. There was simply an unbelievable amount of trash. I don’t think 50 more trashcans would have contained it. People need to pack their own trash and bring it out with them, it’s not that hard. Also, would be great to see more in the neighborhood come to the clean ups. Big thanks to the kids from the JCC and the other volunteers who energetically cleaned up this mess on Sunday.

      • Paul Valdez says:

        Ben, great to meet you and it was great to work together on Sunday! I am definitely planning on next month. Look me up on Facebook; keep in touch!
        I am trying to encourage my friends to join up as well!

  9. Aaron says:

    Those who utilize “Hipster Hill” (is it safe to assume they are hipster?) are filthy little pigs that probably have similar personal hygiene. Let’s be real, is there any other part of the park that ever is remotely similar in the amount of leftover trash? I guarantee you these little dirtballs live in an ratty little apartment that looks very similar. Let’s not kid ourselves, you could put 500 empty dumpsters right in front of them and the lazy turds would still leave their garbage and shit all over. Here’s an idea, stop cleaning up after them for a month. Leave the garbage and let it mount up. Put some cheap nets over it so it doesn’t blow away. They leave their crap everywhere because someone like Dolores Park Works cleans up after them. It’s like dealing with children (and let’s face it, they act worse than spoiled children), there has to be repercussions to their actions. Grow up, littering is for white trash people and people that end up in jail. Have some class.

  10. SFNative says:

    Our fair city is overrun by transplant douches. This dot-com boom is worse than the last when it comes to money-grubbing, vapid fucks with no culture of their own, trashing San Francisco.

  11. chalkman says:

    thanks to everyone that picked up after these assclowns

  12. Nova says:

    If you can bring it, you can take it!