Kickstart the new Social Studies record!

One of our favorite bands to ever come out of the city is finally ready for you to hear all the songs they’ve been writing for the past year on a brand new full length LP, and they could definitely use your help!  And the rewards for this Kickstarter are pretty rad too.  I mean, imagine Social Studies coming out to play your house!  Check out all the details here!

If you’ve never heard Social Studies, they’re kind of impossible to describe, so just settle down and listen for a second:


16 Responses to “Kickstart the new Social Studies record!”

  1. Travis says:

    i love social studies and have now clicked the appropriate buttons on the internet to pledge my support

  2. Girl Crush says:

    I don’t know anything about these guys, but Holy Cow! That woman’s hair is amazing.

  3. Joanbone says:

    Yay Natalia!

  4. krispy says:

    C’mon… kickstart a record?
    These kidz look like they’ve got enough $ to do it themselves!

  5. This guy says:

    Yeah, it’s a 4 piece band with a girl vocalist guitar and keyboard driven. There are cutesy twee elements but it fits well into that “indie-rock” category. Not really complicated. Perhaps people want to fund a record that has more artistic ambition and harder working band members? This is some pretty cookie cutter music.

    The musicians I know in the city work 2 jobs to make their ends meet. You gotta hustle and live if you want the opportunity to make a record. There are plenty of serving jobs in the city to be had…

    • ha! this guy is such a dick!

      • This guy says:

        and the well dressed manicured kids asking for handouts aren’t?

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          I feel like you’re not clear on how Kickstarter works. You’re not donating money to them, in this case you are, essentially, pre-ordering their album.

        • no, it’s just you. for assuming a bunch of stuff you don’t know about, and also for spouting inane bullshit cliches like “The musicians I know in the city work 2 jobs to make their ends meet. You gotta hustle and live if you want the opportunity to make a record.”

          • This guy says:

            No, it’s just my life and my perspective. That cliche is real and will always be. Please don’t simplify my perspective and point by calling it a cliche. It’s real, the rent in the Mission went up 10% in the last 6 months. People are struggling. I have spent all my life in cities and just feel like I do have a valid and worthwhile perspective. You obviously don’t feel that way. You are obviously on the other side of the income gap.

          • how does any of the stuff you just wrote support your claim that it’s ridiculous for a band to ask for help in making a record?

            also, how do you think they made their two previous records? maybe they wanted to make a better one this time?

            and i truly don’t think you have any idea what you are talking about. i mean, have you ever actually self-produced your own record? no? well, i have:

  6. This guy says:

    I do not think it is ridiculous for a band to ask for help in making a record. Yes, it makes sense to want extra help with the production of their record. In the opposite of that was implied in my post, so my apologies.

    I think I was just venting because I’m in a bad mood and I didn’t enjoy the music, but that’s no reason for them not to get help with the production.


  7. GG says:

    “kind of impossible to describe”? Then you’re not trying very hard. Try this: The female vocalist and organs of Mates of State plus the shouty elements of Los Campesinos, with some retro guitar riffs and a catchy melody. There, I have just DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE.

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