Envisioning a revitalized Bartlett Street

There’s an effort underway to turn the section of Bartlett between 21st and 22nd — the stretch that’s home to the Mission Community Market on Thursdays — into a more inviting public space. This effort kicked off officially with a community meeting last night, and Mission Local was there:

“We can have fun for a moment with these ideas,” said Jeremy Shaw, Mission Community Market’s executive director.

They can have fun because revitalizing the dejected block on Bartlett from 21st to 22nd Street has potential funding now. Shaw, design group Rebar and CARECEN are working with the developer of the Giant Value site and New Mission Theater on an “in-kind agreement.” Project developers can satisfy their public impact fees by making agreements with community groups that provide public improvements. Shaw and Rebar designer John Bela think they can get $500,000 to revitalize the backside of the new development, Bartlett Street.

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[via Dolores Park Works]

8 Responses to “Envisioning a revitalized Bartlett Street”

  1. happy420 says:

    Right, “revitalized.” SMH

  2. Going to miss them says:

    Delores Park Works acts as front group for developers who wish to White wash the Mission. Every inch must be revamped for white stock optioned Goggle and Twitter stroller Mommies and Daddies. Scott Weiner is their gay YES man who is busy making the Castro over into the same demographic. Yoga Mats and Land Rovers required. Latinas, not so much.

    • so says:

      i’ve got an idea, why don’t you run for office on a platform of “keep the mission dilapidated to keep white people out” and let’s see how popular your ideas are

      but to be honest your trolling is pretty weak, the whole marina girl thing was kind of a one hit wonder huh?

      • wizzer says:

        It’s spelled Dolores. When are people going to learn to spell it CORRECTLY?

        As the Mission keeps evolving and changing, no one is saying the area is not for ALL people, including gay, straight, white, black, red, Latino, etc.

        Neighborhoods change. Change is good.

    • stiiv says:

      Gay YES Men is totally the name of my new band.

  3. Going to miss them says:


  4. no.thanks. says:

    as a bartlett resident thats right at 22nd i approve of this.

    and i am a negro.