Only two looks for guys these days

Local clotheshorse David Enos made the above illustration following a trip to Macy’s with his girlfriend, who observed:

There’s only two ways it can go these days for guy’s styles; you can look like I forget his name from ‘Drive’, if he was going out-on-the-town, or like some ‘Cargo Apocalypse’. [link]

So guys, which one are you?

But seriously, let’s all watch the opening credits sequence from Drive, mainly to find out what that guy’s name is — but also because it is awesome:

14 Responses to “Only two looks for guys these days”

  1. Brillo says:

    I took a gander at that “Drive” movie. The guy’s a real ugly duckling. What was his name again?

    • Jaurito says:

      Thank your self you didn’t see the whole movie. Drive is one of the biggest turds hollywood has dumped in a while. The fact that is has gotten positive reviews blows my mind.

      • Haz been says:


        It was so appallingly bad I was in awe. Like one big vehicle (pun intended) for women to ogle over the strong, silent Gossling. Lame.

      • thanks says:

        the whole film isn’t spoon-fed to the viewer like most Hollywood movies, it frustrates a lot of American viewers. i recommend you guys go see the Avengers instead.

    • DomPara says:

      I dunno, it was a real goose egg. This might be that particular actor’s swan song.

      Listen to me, I sound like some cranky old coot. It’s rare that a movie rustles my feathers like this.

  2. Benny says:

    what are you talking about, Drive is a Great movie. everything about this movie is on point. please explain what you dont like about the film, then i will explain why your fucking wrong.

    • Brillo says:

      The part where everyone stares and mumbles at each other for an hour and then Cristina Hendrick’s head explodes like it’s Pulp Fiction. But the slow motion shot in the back seat during the chase was good.

  3. waxamill says:

    ITT: Insecure dudes grouse about the Gos.

  4. rawr says:

    I like Gossy boi but Drive totally sucked.

  5. What says:

    People shop for clothing at Macy’s?

  6. MrEricSir says:

    MS Paint drawings = win.

  7. Allan says:

    Drive rules, Avengers rules, MS Paint rules. Let’s party.

  8. AttF says:

    I though Drive was a great continuation of the style pioneered by Mann’s ‘Thief’ and Friedkin’s ‘To Live and Die in LA’. Gosling was ok, but you can’t lose with Cranston, Brooks and Perlman. Who knew that Albert Brooks could pull a late career cold violent Jewish criminal role like he did and I enjoyed watching Gosling as a delusional loner who gets caught up in his own myth. My only complaint was the music….too much like a cheap Tangering Dream knock-off.

  9. I just want to see less says:

    Jonas Brothers clones in Delores Park. If I’m not drunk, I better not be seeing more than one of you fuckers running around. Stop being a trendoid dressed in yesterday’s clothes.