Guerrero Street traffic signal has had enough of your shit

10 Responses to “Guerrero Street traffic signal has had enough of your shit”

  1. joshua says:

    best post/title all year

  2. Saw the same in Brooklyn last month.

  3. JT Snowball says:

    Maybe Guerrero is just 1/3rd into the shocker.

  4. Emily says:

    This is perfect.

  5. jeff seal used to do this to the hearst light on northside!

  6. Grizzled Mission says:

    As an Asperger’s suffering internet commenter, I am compelled to note that this has been done probably thousands of times all over the country. I apologize for my inability to shut the hell up, but it’s true.

    • wrybread says:

      …. which diminishes the awesomeness of this being done here exactly 0%.

      Honestly, in the internet age, if no one did anything that had been done before, life would be really boring.

  7. GerardB. says:

    LOL! im about to go there today and check it out.

  8. damian says:

    my homeboy can manipulate the hand-push traffic signals by using the binary code in certain sequences..they “recognize his “signals”..gets a green light every time(next he;ll be asking it for a date)!!!!!???