Why FEMA filmed a disaster-preparedness spot at La Taqueria this morning

First OMG the Mish speculated that the big “Hollywood production” being filmed at La Taqueria was possibly “Burrito Justice: The Movie.”

Then Uptown Almanac investigated and found out the shoot was actually a FEMA production, and wondered why.

Finally, Burrito Justice (not the movie) tied everything together, citing a Mission Mission post from waaaay back, involving this still-disturbing image from some sort of official earthquake-preparedness website, circa 2008:


[Photo by Uptown Almanac]

5 Responses to “Why FEMA filmed a disaster-preparedness spot at La Taqueria this morning”

  1. Lexitron nee Lapidgeon says:

    Soooo La Taqueria can fly in the event of an earthquake? Is this technology widely available? Can it be used for general transportation? ANSWERS, FEMA!

  2. moderniste says:

    Apparently las FEMAs don’t like rice in their carne asada burritos.

  3. Immediately before liftoff, La Taqueria will alter its blinking pattern.

  4. Adams says:

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