Class warfare and McDonald’s

I’m walking to Safeway to get some boxes of Watermelon Wheat to party with. At the crosswalk by the McDonald’s I’m joined by a man and a young boy. The man says to the boy, “They make McDonald’s so those people don’t go in the places we go. Those people need places to eat too.” My eyes go wide, but the boy is totally onboard: “Yep!” he exclaims, with a spring in his step.

And then…. They walk into Boston Market. This definitely gives me pause, but I’m not sure what exactly it means because I’ve never been in a Boston Market. (Because I’m from another social strata altogether apparently.) But it means something, I’m sure.

I fantasized later that I’d followed them inside. “You know why they make Boston Markets, motherfucker? So people like you don’t bother me while I’m eating my Chicken McNuggets!” (Or, I dunno, while I’m at Beretta eating my bruschette of crescenza and broccoli rabe. I really don’t know. What is Boston Market??)

[Photo by Google Maps]

40 Responses to “Class warfare and McDonald’s”

  1. Nick says:

    Mostly chicken… not terribly great. I’m more of a PopeYes man myself when going for chicken *shrug*

  2. Funk says:

    I used to be a delivery driver for Boston Market. It’s basically Thanksgiving food that is overpriced and about the same disgustingness as airplane food.

  3. timbo says:

    Sometimes Boston Market is on point. Hits the spot, ya know. Their cream spinach is really where it’s at.

    But, yeah, you can’t look down your nose at Mickey D’s and then grub on some Boston Market. They’re both within the wide circle of American convenience food.

    In any case, it’s stupid to get it in your head that you’re too good for any restaurant. Everything has it’s place and time. I can enjoy some artisan organic whatever shit, but I can also kill three cheeseburgers or a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and smile while I’m doing it.

    I actually kicked myself the other day when I realized there was a Boston Market there, and every time I choked down Togo’s when I’m going to Ross or Petco or whatever, I could have been noshing on some meatloaf and creamed spinach and those garlic herb potatoes.

  4. Haggie says:

    They build both to keep you all out of my Whole Foods…

  5. km says:

    possibly “those people” was being used racist-ly rather than calssist-ly? still ridic, but in a whole other way..

    • Allan Hough says:

      The man and the boy appeared to be of differing races, which would I guess mean racially they’re pretty cool.

    • Brillo says:

      Only if they walked into a Cracker Barrel.

      • scum says:

        Why are picking on crackers? Now I what to open a lumberjack breakfast place called The Pecker Wood Family Restaurant.

    • no.thanks. says:


      • HH says:


  6. motowaki says:

    a Boston Market is where you go to pick up hypertension.

  7. MrEricSir says:

    Isn’t Boston Market a few notches DOWN from McDonald’s?

  8. GG says:

    Fuck all y’all and your fancy-pants chains like Mickey D’s and Boston Market. I get all my meals from the 7-11 taquita-n-hot dog warmer.

  9. Emma says:

    Salt with chicken.

  10. el pito says:

    They’re letting any old chain into the City now??? Who’d a thunk????

  11. normalisnewweird says:

    Just ignore them and keep walking, you public whiner!

  12. Elisa says:

    BTW, McDonald’s owned Boston Market from 2000 to 2007.

      • no.thanks. says:


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  13. Galicia says:

    My sweet old cat, Eddy Gray, loved the turkey from Boston Market. He was a stray when I found him but definitely a man of class, taste, and breeding—looked like a typical British Shorthair.
    Boston Market rocks for making Eddy happy, but as a class marker—well—umm—why isn’t this dude taking his son to Le Cirque?

  14. maria says:

    what part of the Mission is this??

  15. Deicide says:

    This is Boston…not L.A.

  16. fatpants says:

    As much as I’d almost certainly punch anyone who used the phrae “gives me pause” in the fucking face, you won me over with this overheard conversation. I’ll have to hang out in that intersection as frequently as possible.

  17. ayalanex says:

    In reality, Boston Market eaters are Mc Donald eaters in some kind of denial…

  18. Joe Wiley says:

    It would have been great if the kid turned around and bitten the shit out of you! That would have been a lot more fun to read about.

  19. sx says:

    Maybe he told the kid that so the kid wouldn’t be tempted to eat at McDonald’s? Dunno, what a weird thing to say.

  20. Damon says:

    Do a test.
    Walk into McD’s at lunch. With all the ESL’s working the counter, homeless from the hood and all the SF General Hospital food voucher recipients and hang for a while.
    Then go across the street to Boston Market and hang for a while.
    Report here where you would rather eat.
    Its not about the food, its about the “ambiance”