Valencia street lights appear to be back in sync

It’s been a few weeks since we noticed that the previously synchronized street lights seemed to be all out of whack, and judging by the comments in that post, it wasn’t just our imagination.  Further investigation revealed that a maintenance issue was the culprit and that the situation would take about two weeks or so to resolve.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the green wave appears to be back!  I’ve been able to coast all the way down Valencia for the past week or so without encountering any red lights as long as I keep a steady, relaxed pace.  Similarly, I can make it all the way from Folsom past Valencia up 24th without stopping, catching all of the green lights on the way.

What about the rest of you? Are your morning commutes back in sync?

[Photo via Streetsblog]


15 Responses to “Valencia street lights appear to be back in sync”

  1. Casey says:

    I always laugh at the testosterone brigade (in both cars *and* bikes) that hammers past me on Valencia, only to slam on their brakes at EVERY RED LIGHT. Valencia forever!

    • Right? Every light? And when they get stuck at the light, they try rolling their way through and just fucking up traffic… even though they could have just waited a few seconds for it to change.

      I’ll admit to being one of those over-zealous bikers, but even I figured out the flow of the lights at some point.

  2. motowaki says:

    some people like exercise.

  3. blah says:

    I originally wrote in about this and just want to say thanks for blogging about it. The lights are indeed back in nicely synchronized action.

  4. Greg says:

    Stopping for red lights is not on my list of things I feel I need to do.

    • goahead74 says:

      well I hope you think of that when you’re unable to feed yourself for the rest of your life fuckwad.

  5. mushmouth says:

    In the future when you notice something like this (Potholes, mis-timed or mis-aimed lights, signs down, etc) you as a citizen should report it to The city is actually pretty good about dealing with these when they are reported. (I now just reported a pothole at Polk and Geary, lets see how long it takes to get filled)

    • Bob Dole says:

      DPW is held accountable to their response times for calls forwarded to 311. They hold weekly meetings from all their different bureaus to address these issues.

  6. P.D.Bird says:

    We don’t care if you stop at sign’s or light’s….but we do stop,so please at least pass us on the left….respect the lineup and pass on the left…

  7. Fiid says:

    Thanks for the confirmation; I thought something was out of whack; and then it got better….

    Valencia Street is hillarious. The light timing is just a tad too slow on the way in (downhill) and just a tad too fast on the way out for me, which I guess means it’s perfect :) . I often forget to virtually not pedal on the way in and outrun the lights. Apologies to those I’ve passed and then who have passed me back again when I figured it out.

    • Bill says:

      I hear you on that one. My flow always gets fucked up between 19th and 18th going in. On the outbound you gotta hustle a little more.

  8. goahead74 says:

    Like cyclists even give a shit. I see gaggles upon gaggles of these fucks rip past red light after red light on my way to work. I guess it’ll take a broken spine for most of you to learn that you simply CANNOT compete with a one ton vehicle with your flimsy 30 pound 2 wheeler. Oh and to the guy that ate shit a few weekends ago running a red light onto Valencia from Market (because I honked and called you out on your shit, yeah you thought you were real hot shit weaving in and out between buses and banging on cars with your ulock that were in your way)…I hope those stitches on your chin are a humble reminder you stupid son of a bitch.