Wearing your office clothes in the Mission

38 Responses to “Wearing your office clothes in the Mission”

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t get it?

  2. Jvis says:

    Than. Jesus H Christ. Than. We’re really going to slowly (or rapidly) lose every single word that is a similar word changed by one letter or an apostrophe.

  3. Actually says:

    Actually you look like the straight bros from the ‘rina eating at Tacolicious and drinking at Dr. Teeth, or the [tech company] t-shirt, dockers and brown shoes crowd, and the little UC Berkeley twinkies that they date.

    In other words you look like a local.

  4. Poop head says:


    • This guy says:

      The plight of the over-privileged. That’s what I learn this post; good to know what’s really going through some kids minds.

  5. Whater says:

    Bet she says ohhh myyyy gawwwd a few times a day. What a wacky move wearing clothes

  6. En-Chu Lao says:

    Oh I don’t know, a tube-top and stretchy lamé pants? People will probably think you wandered over from the ‘Loin.

  7. Joe Wiley says:

    Yes, you are indeed a freak for taking the time to Tweet this at all.

  8. Ian says:

    how preppy i look is directly related to the amount of psychedelics and/or disassociatives i plan to do in the park that day

  9. scum says:

    I go aganst the grain by wearing a Pendleton instead of a thrift store flannel.

  10. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    I tried wearing a nice sport jacket and trousers, with a clean shirt and tie, and an expensive hat, in The Mission, and people did, in fact, stare at me — some made admiring comments. The thing is, it’s a lot of work to get that dressed-up just to go out for a bottle of Ancient Age.

  11. word says:

    Stay classy, San Francisco.

  12. moderniste says:

    Kee-righst Almighty–this is just a silly little tweet about a mildly amusing situation. I’m sure the author simply had a little chuckle at her sartorial situation and decided to post a little tweet. Isn’t that kinda the nature of tweets anyways??

    • Jvis says:

      I’m with you. That part is no big deal. It’s the fact that 20something Techsters cant write simple sentences that bothers me. I did no judging on the quality of a trivial tweet.

  13. You Go Girl says:

    business shirt and slacks, untucked w/ no jacket, drunk in front of double dutch cuz they’re scared to go in skylark and graduated from blondie’s = douche patrol in effect every weekend.

  14. Sweet T says:

    On Fridays I wear my Mission clothes in the office.

  15. sx says:

    Whatever. People do not stare. I’ve gone to Zeitgeist in a suit. Worn business casual to Phone Booth. If anything, it makes you invisible.