Dance your public transit system clean

Here’s the deal with the SFTRU:

The San Francisco Transit Riders Union is a rider-based, grassroots organization working to improve public transit in San Francisco. We love public transit and are frustrated with the delays, slow travel times, and lack of funding. Our City is often on the cutting edge, but our transit system has fallen behind that of other major cities. San Franciscans have consistently supported public transit, and they deserve a reliable, robust, and 21st-century transit system. SFTRU is working to deliver that change.

Sounds good. Here’s the deal with Sunday’s event:

The fundraiser will take place during El Rio’s “Salsa Sundays” dance party and will be an opportunity for you to meet fellow transit enthusiasts, give a little cash toward the very righteous cause of better public transit for our city, and dance your pants off all at the same time! All proceeds at the door will go toward the San Francisco Transit Riders Union.

Sounds even better! RSVP and invite your friends!

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