Hot tip: Leaf crunching

Fall, caught in the act

Yeah, I know we still have Indian Summer, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge a great joy of the coming of Fall – leaf crunching.

A Leaf to be Crunched

Just look at that leaf. Lying there with its sides curled up like that, just waiting to be crushed. It almost looks soft, but I guarantee you it’s not: it’s crisp as hell. Lay down a heavy foot and feel the crunch, hear the crackle. From there you can hop to the next. In some side streets right now you can walk a block just crunching as you go. Regular walking, who needs it? Get out there and crunch some leaves before I get them all.

Caution: Some leaves hide undesirables beneath them, such as poop.

4 Responses to “Hot tip: Leaf crunching”

  1. dude! don’t take indian summer for granted! it’s been soooooooo cold all week!

  2. Cold weather makes Timmy a better pitcher (Seattle boy)!

  3. NakedPenguin says:

    aahaaa…”Get out there and crunch some leaves before I get them all.”

  4. James says:

    It’s the natural alternative to popping bubble wrap.