Persistent plantnappers!

Our pal Valerie (pictured) reports:

ken ken ramens/suika’s fancy $40 plant from flora grubb stolen from outside their store 3x. Who’s responsible? Angry neighbors? Hipsters? Homeless hipsters?

They’ve tried chaining it down, adding rocks etc. plant theif won’t give it up. Everyone be on high alert for some sexy succulent looking thing!!!

Sad! And just when things were going so good for Ken Ken/Suika!

4 Responses to “Persistent plantnappers!”

  1. whatever says:

    Last week some person took a 90 lb eucalyptus-log- turned-into-planter that my roommate put many hours into from next to our doorway. A week before that someone took a JADE PLANT (lol) thats been in front of our house for YEARS.

  2. Valerie says:

    Allan, I hate you.

    Plus, do I really have to spellcheck my texts? Thought you had my back bro. Massage lady from Treasure Island did.

  3. dude says:

    Over at Bernalwood blog many folks report plantnapping and say to check the Flower Market in the early a.m. to find your stolen plant for sale.