Suika, a new bento cafe

The Bold Italic takes a look at Suika, the Ken Ken offshoot just opened on 18th near Mission:

What’s special about Suika is that it has no set menu. “Everyday is different,” said chef Taka. “We decide on the menu the night before.” He likes to get experimental, so customers can experience all the endless bento combinations. The only thing you can count on is that there will always be a meat, fish, and veggie option available. Some past creations include saba (mackerel), pumpkin croquette, kimchi pork, minced beef katsu, and even hamburger bento. Each lunchbox also comes with assorted sides such as rice, tamago (egg), burdock potato salad, hijiki seaweed, nasu eggplant, or kabocha squash.

They’ve also got desserts and Boba Guys boba drinks. Read on for lots more info and pics.

4 Responses to “Suika, a new bento cafe”

  1. Crabby Monkey says:

    Open at 11:30! Excellent! I hate Mission places that serve lunchtime food, but are only open at dinnertime — like Ken Ken, for example. Yay, Suika!

  2. Tried the mackerel, today — delicious. The rice seemed a little bland, but the potato salad was so good I could have eaten a bucket of it. The key seems to be to mix stuff up as much as possible, even though it’s all in separate little compartments. Also, how about a little wasabi in there for the take-out customers?

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