Grizzled concert organizers pwn music fans via printout

When people who work at music venues are asked what they do for a living, they should respond “I act really shitty toward children, generally.”

24 Responses to “Grizzled concert organizers pwn music fans via printout”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    What venue was that, and for what show? I’ve never seen a set of rules that strict.

  2. Grego says:

    Clearly your mom is still shy about letting her “performances” out onto the Internet.

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah, god forbid people actually go to a show to WATCH LIVE MUSIC. It just doesn’t feel like a good show unless I’m craning to see the band over everyone’s glowing screens held up in the air. I mean, whats the point if we can’t take shitty videos on our cellphones to them to unwilling friends later?

    • ReelTawlk says:

      My sentiment exactly. I am not comfortable with the mindset of having to record and document everything.

  4. Chachito415 says:

    I applaud this venue. And find it ironic you had to take this picture with your phone.

  5. ryan says:

    it was for the christopher owens show at the lodge in the regency ballroom, which was actually a professionally recorded performance. these kind of rules are generally pretty common at music and comedy tapings.

  6. tuffy says:

    Pretty standard signage at jack white concerts.

  7. odb says:

    Performer makes those rules not the venue

  8. En-Chu Lao says:

    If you don’t want to abide by the venue’s/performer’s rule, don’t go!
    Being obnoxious in a place where people want to be entertained isn’t enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

    • Gen Y says:

      don’t you understand? Nick has been told his whole life that he is soooooo special so when he can’t do whatever he wants he pouts.

      Doesn’t matter the reason. The reason is because it sucks for him.

  9. andrew says:

    So maybe they have a good reason for banning cell phones, but I can’t think of a good reason to write the rules with so much condescension and snark. Try this next time:

    “Tonight’s show is being professionally recorded. The artist and the production company respectfully request that you do not use cell phones or other recording devices. We will ask you to leave if you use your phone during the show. Thank you.”

    • J-train says:

      Its actually not that snarky and I can think of a great reason to write the rules with so much condescension and snark – concert goers who cant keep their fuckin phones in their pockets are a bunch of obnoxious children who should be publicly shamed.

      • three says:

        It was a uber hipster show, we only understand condescension. But really, I thought it was funny and it actually got people’s attention as opposed to a “standard” posting.

  10. GG says:

    As someone who sees a lot of live music and gets very annoyed with the people who hold their phones way up and record the entirety of a song on video, I’m actually kind of baffled that some of the commenters above can’t distinguish between this behavior and the other phone uses the sign attempts to “ban,” such as using your hand to shield the screen light while you quickly text a friend you’re trying to locate in the crowd, ensure no urgent work e-mails have come in that you’ll need to step out and address, or check what time it is. What bothers me about that sign is that it implies I don’t have the good sense to use my phone responsibly and in a conscientious way that doesn’t annoy the performers or the rest of the audience, which is insulting.

    • You’re making it much too personal — what this notice actually “implies” is that the vast majority of the dingbats the promoter has to deal with — thanks to artist contract clauses — are people who “don’t have the good sense to use [their] phone[s] responsibly and in a conscientious way that doesn’t annoy the performers or the rest of the audience” (emphasis added).

    • fake says:

      if you’re SOOOOO IMPORTANT that your job needs to reach you (by email?) at any given moment… you need to prioritize your work and not go to the show, SINCE ITS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET THAT EMAIL RIGHT FUCKING NOW. better sit chained to your cube just in case they need you.

      hows your life? is it awesome being a slave to your job?

  11. Skeptical says:

    Wish they would do this at every show. If you can’t put everything else on hold for 2 hours, why would you even be there? No one wants to see your out of focus instagrams or barely audible youtube uploads. If you go to shows just to brag to people that “you were there,” you are a just one of thousands of scenesters out there making it shitty for people who actually enjoy music. Shut up and enjoy the performance.

  12. SFNative says:

    Should be de rigueur at all San Francisco live music venues.