The Mission, not the hoodiest hood

Behold the results of the SF hoodie survey!

Based on the 500+ people who responded, it looks like San Franciscans (at least those who read blogs) own approximately 4 hoodies per person (though there’s a long tail of many SFians more than 10.) The Outerlands lay claim to hoodie per capita, seemingly out of thermal necessity. Using Nate Silver precision, we can extrapolate and jump to the conclusion there are over 3 million hoodies in San Francisco, making it the predominate life form in our city.

Of course, this poll was heavily weighted towards the Mission.

More over at Burrito Justice, including an interactive map.


8 Responses to “The Mission, not the hoodiest hood”

  1. i blame our (comparatively) amazing weather

  2. turntothesky says:

    I think you mean Nate Silver, not David Silver. Methinks someone has been watching 90210 reruns.

  3. scum says:

    Growing up in The Richmond when it was cold and foggy the layers were shirt, hoodie, Pendleton and Derby jacket.

  4. Erik says:

    The data need to be normalized to account for weather IMO.

  5. ALWAYS HIGH says:


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