The mystery of the odd angle

What’s the deal with this building on Chavez with a diagonal facade for no reason? Bernalwood figured it out.

Yesterday’s blog post about an 1888 photograph of the intersection of Mission and Army (Cesar Chavez Blvd.) generated a lot of great comments… including a very geeky digression about the apartment building at 3365 Chavez, right next door to the Principality of Chicken John.

You can see the building above; it’s set back from the street, with an unusual, angled facade. The oddness is even more obvious from above.

So what’s the deal? Read on for the answer.

2 Responses to “The mystery of the odd angle”

  1. Alabama St. says:

    While I never asked myself “why does that building have a funky angle to it” I find a lot of pleasure having the answer to that question.

  2. soooo van ness says:

    so many questions finally answered! Thanks for posting this I walk by that building everyday always wondering ‘why’?