Vintage ladies Schwinn + burrito – $185 (mission district)

Looking for a new bike and a new burrito all in one easy transaction? Well, look no further Missionites, cause we’ve got a deal for you, freshly (hopefully) posted on craigslist -

“This is a most excellent electric blue vintage ladies Schwinn road bike. La bicicleta is ready to ride and is in mucho bueno condition (actually it’s in perfect condition but I don’t know the word for perfect in Spanish) The frame is sized for for a gal (or guy) 5’5” to 5’9”. The price is firm at $185. Also, the bicycle comes with a free burrito. Hooray!”

Whether or not chips and salsa are included will probably be up to your negotiation skills. Original craigslist link here.

4 Responses to “Vintage ladies Schwinn + burrito – $185 (mission district)”

  1. sara says:

    “vintage”?1 Come on. It looks like it’s from the eighties. That word is being used way too loosely for marketing purposes lately, esp. on CL. Citizens for the Responsible Use of the Word Vintage (CRUWV).

  2. gmorfy says:

    Anywhere in America this would be considered a thrift store $4.95 POS. I need to start a business…

  3. turd_burglar says:

    I hope the burrito comes in gold foil; this bike is worth $25 if that. People are idiots.