Phonejacked and then punched in the face

Our pal Chex was minding her own business on Friday morning when all of a sudden:

I got punched in the face and had my iPhone stolen near 23rd and South Van Ness this morning (around 10 am). He grabbed my phone and when I spun around he hit me and ran off.

Mexican guy probably in his early 20s. On the shorter side, maybe around 5′ 5″

Sooo, maybe if somebody grabs your phone, immediately duck before he punches you in the face? I dunno.

52 Responses to “Phonejacked and then punched in the face”

  1. timbo says:

    Duck down before they punch you and simultaneously punch them in the balls.

  2. simon stark says:

    maybe if you idiots didn’t flash your phones in the gentrified mission you wouldn’t get punched in the face. c’mon. just get off the bus from the midwest?

  3. PN says:

    How’d she figure out he was Mexican?

  4. Boney Bob says:

    “Minding [your] own business” is probably the quickest way to get robbed in The Mission (and in San Francisco, generally).

  5. nofishtoday says:

    beaners gone bad

    • you suck says:

      feels good to say that, huh? Now go jack off in mom’s basement your wretched racist creep.

      • nofishtoday says:

        get real. most of the beaners in this country are good, hard working, law abiding people. then there are the few low lifes who come to this country thinking they can get away with whatever shitty things they are used to doing in their native country, you know the kind that rape, steal and assault people in the mission. there’s a reason half the country doesn’t want us here, because of scum like this, that ruin it for the rest of us and because of morons like you that stand up for the scum.

  6. FromTheMidwest says:

    Simon Stark,

    Ever been to Chicago? Same shit. So don’t give that pretentious “from the Midwest” crap.

    People just need to stop being zombies with their phones. Be aware.


  7. trixr4kids says:

    what’s missing from this account is whether she was walking along engrossed in said iPhone or was the iPhone securely residing in her bag or pocket? not that i am happy this person got hit, but you have to take a reasonable amount of precaution against that regardless of what neighborhood you are in and if she was walking along looking at the damn phone, it’s not surprising that someone took it.

  8. Satala says:

    I don’t get it these days, everyone is sticking up for the scum that steals. A woman was attacked and robbed and it’s her fault for flashing her iphone, a common device in any SF neighborhood. I live at 16th and Valencia; I look up muni with my phone, I talk on it, text, write, make notes in my calendar, listen to music all up and down that street (even at the BART station!) If what happened to her happens to me, you’d better duck if you say I had something to do with it.

    • Sfnola says:

      The point is, its a very desirable item, and very easy to steal. You’re carrying around a little computer that fits in a pocket and can be easily re-sold. Would you think its ok to hold a couple hundred dollars in cash in your hand and walk around the Mission? That’s basically what you’re doing with your smartphone. I don’t think anyone is defending someone who steals, but there are very, VERY easy ways to not have your phone stolen out of your hand (like keep it in your pocket most of the time).

    • shemp9999 says:

      I don’t think anyone’s sticking up for the criminal. But there’s a lot of folks walking around the neighborhood not paying any attention to anything but their phone. I think common sense is what is required – expensive devices in the hand of an inattentive person is an easy target for said criminals.

    • fingerbinger says:

      It’s ye olde “she was asking for it” defense.

    • la dee da says:

      I’m not sticking up a criminal, however I just don’t feel bad for someone who is so totally unaware of their surrounds that they become an easy target/victim. Cell phone theft isn’t new , esp in the Mission. Furthermore I have seen campaign after campaign altering people to this…..if you want to ignore, its your choice, just don’t bitch about it.

  9. biglippednegro says:

    Off topic : “I Just Love It” , when people are using their phones and holding an umbrella. It’s like a whole new species of Zombie.

  10. Tim K. says:

    Mexican guy? That’s kinda racialist. Glad your phone got took.

  11. Nick says:

    Sorry about the phone :(

    Are we always a potential victim when we get out our phone and check a text message, look up directions, or even take a phone call? Probably, since a thief (well a good one) knows that you’ll be distracted just long enough for them to move into position and be gone with your stuff in 3 seconds.

    What we really need is a way to ‘brick’ a phone once it’s been stolen. Make it impossible to use on the US networks (if possible even intl networks). Not sure what to do in case it gets shipped out of the US though *shrug*.

  12. lurkskatesf says:

    did he have a hood on too?

  13. Ginny says:

    That’s a pretty brazen attack. 10 AM at that intersection is quite busy with the post office, cafe, and grocery store. Considering the person doesn’t explain whether her phone was in her pocket or not, I’m not really sure how you guys determined she wasn’t paying attention when this happened.

  14. ifdead says:

    I have lived in the mission since the mid 90′s when it was really scary. Now that it has become the Marina-light it is way more dangerous than it used to be. People should just try to be more conscious and aware if you are in the mission. My lady was assaulted randomly, then some girl was almost raped on my corner a few weeks ago…. People just need to be aware or where they are and what is happening around them.

  15. ifdead says:

    Why are you yelling?

  16. magnolia says:

    why did the mexican punch chex?

  17. la dee da says:

    People are just so stupid and unaware of their surroundings in the Mission (and in life) that they are always gonna be easy victims.

    And someone who assumes that Latino people are all Mexican DESERVES to be a victim…..racist MF!

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