The ‘Parks and Recreation’-Cafe Gratitude connection

Our pal Jenny Bradley figured it out:

Rob Lowe’s character on Parks and Rec drives me insane because he reminds me of my days at Cafe Gratitude. He is LITERALLY all those kooky, diet-obsessed, culty, overbearingly and unrealistically optimistic, ex-coworkers. Needless to say, it was at times awkward and uncomfortable to be there (and refuse to submit to the Landmark Forum!!!!!!)

Now that I know this, I feel like I can enjoy his character! [link]

Excellent news! Now let’s all enjoy together:

18 Responses to “The ‘Parks and Recreation’-Cafe Gratitude connection”

  1. Jamin-Time says:

    His goal is health, not some cultish animal savior complex.

    Though veganism is about the furthest thing from health imo.

  2. omnivore anon says:

    i eat just about anything, and loved gratitude. bummed that its gone. didnt dig the self-affirming menu item nonsense, but most of the food was legit. definitely miss my grateful bowls.

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  4. chat yap says:

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  5. A Duffey says:

    Optimistic vegitarians are just people. The landmark forum is just a course. Themed restaurants are just places to eat. Let people pursue their passions and visions for their life and stop being so whatever…….