Last chance to nominate your 2013 Hard French King and Queen

The Hard French Winter Ball is rapidly approaching, and while there’s still a few tickets available, the deadline to nominate your 2013 Hard French King and Queen is tonight at 6pm:

We’re looking for extraordinary folks from our community who are smart, sweet, artsy, crafty, committed, bold, big-hearted, and of course, self-identifiably sexy and know how to shake their tail feathers!  Ultimately, it’s a chance to honor the folks who tend to put in more than they get back, to say thank you for being part of what makes our community so great!

Wait, you don’t even know what the Hard French Winter Ball is all about?  Well, just imagine 1000 folks from SF going down to Santa Cruz to party on the boardwalk at the Coconut Grove Grand Ballroom!  Check out all the details here, get your tickets here, and don’t forget to nominate those beautiful friends, lovers, crushes, and all-around heroes here!

2 Responses to “Last chance to nominate your 2013 Hard French King and Queen”

  1. Slap Happy says:

    does everything that started as gay in sf need to be paved over and made straight?

    • Jam says:

      Maybe the designer who made the poster(which is rad)should have added in big capital letters at the bottom “NO STRAIGHT PEOPLE”. Would that have worked for you?