A couple walks into Shotwell’s wearing Google Glasses…

Tom Madonna from Shotwell’s tweets about it, and then the whole incident turns up as an essay in The Atlantic:

I called up Madonna to get a little more information about what happened when the Glasses couple walked into Shotwell’s.

“When you buy a new phone, it’s in your pocket, but this, you’re wearing something on your face. Anyone that cares what they look like is not gonna wear Google glasses. That’s my opinion,” Madonna said. “If you are super nerdy and you like to show off that you’re in tech and smart and all those things, I can see you probably wearing Google Glasses, but you are probably in a bubble or … new. We’ve all heard all this stuff. Like, this guy moved to SF and he comes to the bar. He’s from Scottsdale and he’s using all these [tech] words. I had to stop him. I said, ‘You sound interesting and different in Phoenix, but you sound boring here. You are cliche.’”

Read on for talk of SF vs. Brooklyn, more interaction with the couple with the glasses, and lots more sass from Tom.

[via Paul Suway] [Screenshot by Honey Jets]

30 Responses to “A couple walks into Shotwell’s wearing Google Glasses…”

  1. bah says:

    you know, that is what they said about iphones and smart phones originally “you will just look super nerdy if you have one”

  2. tastr says:

    i love tom and everyone else that works at shotwells. they make me forget that theres no whiskey there.

  3. Alabama St. says:

    It’s a matter of time before people start getting punched in the face & robbed for their G-Glasses.

  4. marcos says:

    ‘You sound interesting and different in Phoenix, but you sound boring here. You are cliche.’

    What fucking douche says that? No wonder people hate folks that live in the Mission…

  5. uhg.. says:

    I saw 2 assholes wearing them at make out earlier this week.. the nice thing about this technology is that it lets you see douche bags even farther away than bluetooth headsets.

  6. James says:

    As someone born and raised in Scottsdale, I can confirm Scottsdale people are the worst.

  7. mightaswelljump says:

    nothing against the staff (who i’m sure are fine), that bar sucks. sorry. had to say it. there are a million better bars in the mission. lame crowd, meh atmosphere, cash only and no liquor. if they had liquor i might hate them slightly less.

    • Hmm says:

      You are exactly the reason I go there. I don’t need to see your lout ass drinking red bull/vodka’s, can actually chill without (too many) pretentious schmucks, or kids living off their parents cards who don’t have cash. While I do love whiskey, I’ll make the sacrifice from time to time for the uniqueness of this spot in this sense.

      • bellpeppernostrils says:

        what an amazing leap of logic.

      • mightaswelljump says:

        I don’t drink redbull and vodka; I’d much rather drink straight whiskey, which Shotwells does not have. The other better, similarly-vibed neighborhood bars I’d compare it to are Homestead, Elixir, or Dear Mom. Would rather hit those places up any day of the week than Shotwells with its conspicuously obnoxious patrons and lack of whiskey.

    • m says:

      Complaining about cash-only bars? Complaining about the supposed lack of atmosphere at a neighborhood bar? Were you also bummed by the lack of blaring dubstep from an in-house PA?

      Seems like you’re looking for a niteclub, not a bar.

    • Lamb says:

      Can’t we all just dump the word “meh”?

  8. MarinaKing says:

    why read second hand information about g’s glasses, and try getting a job that pays moooooollions! our goal as rich people is to make Mission people more insignificant .

  9. sohbet says:

    nformation about g’s glasses, and