Save Esta Noche!

Esta Noche is in trouble!

Last year the Board of Supervisors passed laws that can make it harder for some small businesses to afford their permitting and license fees. Unfortunately, Esta Noche will have to pay for all their licenses in one bulk payment which is already one month late.

We need to raise $9,000 in the next two weeks in order to keep San Francisco’s only Latino queer bar open. We need your help!

Here’s what you can do:

Donate: Every dollar up to $9,000 will go to Esta Noche to help them keep their doors open. Any additional monies raised will be given to El/La (a Trans-Latina nonprofit in The Mission)

Come to our party: Join us May 18th as local queer DJs, drag performers, and politicians come together to save Esta Noche!

Tell your friends: Spread the love. Share this on Facebook and via word of mouth!

Save Esta Noche Party
Esta Noche: 3079 16th St
9pm-Close • $10-20 Sliding Scale • 21+

RSVP and invite your friends via Facebook! Also, contribute via the Indiegogo campaign!

14 Responses to “Save Esta Noche!”

  1. not a republican says:

    It might be nice not having a seedy looking, dirty bar taking up space.

  2. Miguel Andrade says:

    As a long time patron of Esta Noche for over twenty years, I’ve witnessed the bar bring about its own decline with poor management, indifferent owners, inconsistent bar staff (a few quite friendly, others quite toxic), a switch to disco type music at happy hour instead of Latin music, as well as a lack of upkeep of the dirty and faded interior. I think the bar’s financial problems have a lot more to do with faithful customers abandoning the bar to the point where the place is often empty due to poor customer service and owners who are tone deaf to their customers. I used to defend Esta Noche as my neighborhood gay bar, but no more.

    • fuggit says:

      Wow! A well thought-out, non-hateful, eloquent comment on the MM comment boards that isn’t bashing techies, gentrification, hipsters, each other etc. Remember this day, people. Bravo Mr. Andrade.

    • siderside says:

      Sounds like they need Tabatha to take over!

  3. lindylula says:

    \aI do love this place. Or what it was. And what it still can be. But I appreciate your comments Miguel. Constructive criticism. It’s been years since I hung out there. But oh the glory days… Either way, I’ll be at the fundraiser.

  4. Marga Gomez says:

    Correction: not entire staff- just some maligned.

  5. roller23rd says:

    how do you run a business & not have $9K on hand? That makes no sense to me. Bars are cash cows & most people I know who own/run them make good money.

    If this bar can not make any money, then it is time for it to revamp, relocate or call it day.

  6. Miguel Andrade says:

    Roller23rd, I agree. The reason they aren’t a cash cow is because the two owners are notoriously unfriendly to their regular customers and they’ve driven many of their loyal customers away. The bartenders routinely complain that their paychecks bounce. Marga, there are a couple of wonderful bartenders, but they don’t mitigate the many other snotty and insufferable staff that have driven away so many of Esta Noche’s regular customers. Lindylula, I, too, remember the golden age of Esta Noche, but sadly those days are long gone. The Mission deserves a fabulous gay Latin bar, but Esta Noche is not fulfilling that role anymore.