Hot new look for summer: Mushroom pants!!!

What an outfit, right? Primo is such a FUN GUY!

(And his cat art show, currently up at Four Barrel, is just as excellent.)

17 Responses to “Hot new look for summer: Mushroom pants!!!”

  1. William Preston says:

    Ugh…what a genius. And an art-genius to boot.

    • William Preston says:

      Thanks for changing the word I actually wrote.

      • Olu says:

        They probably need to make a decision once and for all about this comment section- because changing comments breaks faith. If you’re going to keep your section anonymous then you’re going to get negativity. Its how the internet speaks.

        • William Preston says:

          Yep, and I didn’t mean ‘Wanker’ (changed to Genius by moderator) as anything more than a term or endearment. In fact it’s a bit of an in-joke in his circle.

  2. buff tuff says:

    I think that’s one of those controversial Rob Roskop shirts.

  3. John norrisey says:

    See what I mean about Primo? Gramps still has style!! when he wears his bed bath and beyond pants it’s comfortable for him (because he’s 50) and the new residents of the mission (like the folks that run this blog) think he’s being quirky!! Stay in the game old man no one can stop you!

  4. P.P. says:

    Oh man, busted, that outfit was a quick way to get on the 44 out to the Excelsior to paint at Chris’s mom’s house but hey if I have to go down in history as Kreayshawn’s trying too hard hippie uncle, so be it!

  5. Mobity Mosely says:

    Never mind the pants, I cant stop looking at that shirt!

  6. Felix Lee says:

    I wouldn’t try it for the world even if this is what’s hot on this summer.

  7. Never mind the pants, I cant stop looking at that shirt!