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18 Responses to “Photojournalism”

  1. Rogue Toaster says:

    side nipple for my myspace page. Yesh mang. press send, now! look mami, king of the interwebs. this guy.

  2. DF says:

    helping us all keep abreast of the latest news


  3. truth says:

    look at that man giving attention to that woman who is screaming for attention, what a pervert!

  4. biglippedkneegrow says:

    eww..gross, she has those candian bacon sized areolas.

  5. Jaafar says:

    He’s just taking a picture of the creepy Mission Mission photographer to put on his blog.

  6. abolish says:

    Fortunately that phone is from 2002 and has resolution of 6 pixels.

  7. JJ from SF says:

    I’ll need a picture for later. This goes in the spank bank.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Damn she has sexy hair.

  9. Jill says:

    Wow. This is missionmission’s only post about pride. This blog is a total sham. There is nothing “mission” or “sf” about it. Just some spoiled kids posting about breasts.

    • Escobar 92 says:

      The Mission is just where the Castro Castro Pride crowd buys their booze on the way from 16TH BART (they came from Walmart Creek) to the Castro. Then they throw it up on my stoop later. Allan doesn’t need to have an agenda the appeases all (except the food/drink joints that flow him for the pubz he gives). In fact, I commend him for not. Now if someone could just help him figure out how to sell some damn banner ads.

    • Little Eva Destruction says:

      You moron; it’s from the part of Pride that IS in The Mission — the Dyke March.

  10. boobhunter says:

    The revolution will be boobs.

  11. sonypaul says:

    Taking a picture makes you a pervert? The woman want that attention and the man just giving it.