Google to pay for free wi-fi in Dolores Park!

And all the parks (!!!):

– Alamo Square

– Balboa Park

– Bernal Heights Recreation Center

– Boeddeker Park

– Chinese Recreation Center

– Civic Center Plaza

– Corona Heights

– Crocker Amazon Playground

– Duboce Park

– Eureka Valley Recreation Center

– Gene Friend Recreation Center

– Hamilton Recreation Center

– Huntington Park

– Joseph Lee Recreation Center

– Justin Herman Plaza

– Margaret S. Hayward Playground

– Marina Green

– Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center

– Mission Dolores Park

– Mission Recreation Center

– Palega Playground

– Portsmouth Square

– Richmond Recreation Center

– St. Mary’s Recreation Center

– St. Mary’s Square

– Sue Bierman Park

– Sunnyside Playground

– Sunset Playground

– Tenderloin Recreation Center

– Upper Noe Recreation Center

– Washington Square

Although, no Potrero del Sol and no Precita :(

Read on for more info.

The other bad news is, this news is sure to render my “It’s so nice in the park right now, why are you still at work” posts totally meaningless.

(Thanks, Mikey!)

49 Responses to “Google to pay for free wi-fi in Dolores Park!”

  1. Cricket and Puppet and Spider and Flaco says:

    What about Kid Power Park? Damn.

  2. Stu says:

    Yeah, no Herons Head, Candlestick point, Warm Water cove or even Mclaren park. Not that anyone from Google has ever even set foot in the SE part of this city. Thanks for “giving back”, Google.

    • Xrt says:

      You’re really going to complain about free wifi. How dare they only give free wifi to 32 parks. They didn’t give it to my favorite park. Corporate bastards!

      • Stu says:

        I actually cut my complaining off 1/8 about this self serving front. But yeah it’s a great “let them eat cake” thing they’ve got going on here. Let’s face it they spent 600 grand so their employees could work outside. But of course nobody from Google lives in the Bayview. And why would anyone in Bayview need free wifi? If they even matched this money doing something more productive for the city I would complain less. Especially because that amount of dough is like Google taking a piss.

    • Molly S says:

      Golden Gate also isn’t on that list.

      Heron’s Head and Warm Water Cove belong to the Port of SF, not Parks and Rec. Candlestick Point is a State Park.

      Maybe size is an issue for GG Park and McLaren?

    • Benny says:

      Stu please move back to wherever you came from. See ya won’t wanna be ya!

    • truth says:

      mclaren park is the only park on your list that is an actual SF city park, and it’s probably not on the list for the same reason that GG park isn’t on the list (too darn big.)

      nice try troll, spin again

  3. scum says:

    Another way for the government to track the masses, the sky is falling.

  4. JJ says:

    Where is Chicken John to help scuttle this corporate incursion into public space? We need him now more than ever.

  5. Geoff says:

    I think this is a great first step towards free city-wide wifi – which both encourages more tech people to work outside – and forces current ISP’s to innovate in order to stay competitive.

  6. Fuck Hipsters says:

    Another reason to avoid Dolores Park.

    • They’re not hipsters. They’re yuppies. Far worse. Hipsters can at least provide some poorly executed art or humor. Yuppies just want the world to be a mall so they can pump out parasitic children.

  7. Herry Balzack says:

    Google has only payed for two years of free WiFi, the article states.

    After 2yrs you will have to login, and pay, by the hour or day.
    This is exactly what has happened in other cities, it’s free for the first one or two years, then the funding for it stops, and you will have to login and pay.

    It’s good advertising for Google’s pay and play, wifi in the park, clever.

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    A bit bummed that Holly Park didn’t make the list. But, y’know, gift horse and all that.

  9. J Blake says:

    Take your free Wi-Fi and shove it up Silicon Valley’s ass. I’ll take no Wi-Fi, and less tech dipshits in SF. Fucking GoogleTown

  10. Old Mission Neighbor says:


    at least according to these comments.

  11. Cricket and Puppet and Spider and Flaco says:

    Ain’t NOTHING free up in this bitch.
    You may think it’s free, but your ass is being sold, fools – just like my comments here on this blog.
    C’mon peeple.

  12. Cricket and Puppet and Spider and Flaco says:

    Can a vato get a lap dance?

  13. tamalelove says:

    don’t dooooooo ittttttttttttt
    the park is your respite AWAY from the interwebz. be freeeeeee don””’ttttt do itttttt!!!

    parasitic mall children pumps suck. go away techie toons go away!

  14. SlobDog says:

    Google always be bling’n it.

  15. someJuan says:

    Neighborhood parks are the last place where free wi-fi should be made available.

  16. Yar says:

    I’d prefer they take that money and build housing at their ‘campus’ as they call it, for all their employees and get their buses off our streets. Get out of the Mission Google. Why don’t you live down by where you work!! Go away!!!!