CONTEST: Win tickets to ‘LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My House’!

American Tripps, the ping pong party that got its start right here in the Mission, is celebrating its 2-year anniversary this weekend! Here’s the deal:

The first weekend in August marks our 2-year anniversary of throwing Berlin-style ping pong parties in San Francisco, so we wanted to do something big to celebrate. Then we caught wind of North American Scum, the acclaimed LCD Soundsystem cover band based here in SF, and we figured it’d be awesome to book them and use the occasion to pit LCD against Daft Punk, their mentors — and current kings of the airwaves.

So: dance party, DJs, live band, Berlin-style ping pong, drinks, food truck out front, foosball and skeeball upstairs in the mezzanine.

Sounds awesome! LCD Soundsystem rules! RSVP and invite your friends!

To win a pair of tickets, relay your best LCD Soundsystem- or Daft Punk-related anecdote in the comments sections below. Winner will be decided based on merit. Contest ends Friday at noon.

7 Responses to “CONTEST: Win tickets to ‘LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My House’!”

  1. Jp medley says:

    I’m dirty and need to dance myself clean.

  2. Milk Steak says:

    A good friend used to strip to Daft Punk, strictly. So much so that the other girls knew the band was Off Limits while she was working.

  3. dick says:

    Arrow Bar circa 2005 called and want their night back…

  4. Scott the Pilgrim says:

    This is what kids in San Francisco wished they could do if they were over 21

  5. LeavItBe says:

    Lame people with lame interests.

  6. meg says:

    The very first time I saw LCD Soundsystem was at the Fillmore in 2005. I’d never been there before, but after walking through the doors I got a feeling the show was going to be legendary. Turned out to be a sweaty, drunken, ridiculously amazing rockout. I’d brought my friend who had never heard them before, and she became an instant fan. Throughout my late 20s I continued going to the shows until their farewell; they disbanded as I was turning 30. And while listening to the livestream of the final show in NYC I actually shed some tears. It was pretty emotional to lose of one of the most amazing live bands of the 2000s while entering the gateway to now-I’m-an-adult-in-my-30s.