Linea Caffe: Espresso and waffles and salads and being a part of the neighborhood

I ate these three waffles at Linea Caffe yesterday and they were all the bomb. (Clockwise from top: desserty waffle with chocolate and coconut and macadamia, egg souffle waffle with cheese and herbs, PASTRAMI SANDWICH waffle with pastrami cooked right into it.) The cappuccino was awesome too.

Today, Eater SF published an in-depth interview with founder Andrew Barnett. Here is an excerpt:

What’s it like being in such a central location? I couldn’t have dreamed of a better neighborhood. It’s this fantastic convergence of old and new. It’s exciting. You don’t have everything assimilated or gentrified. You’ve got the dirt under your fingernails and you’ve got the excitement of the new settlers. This area is very soulful. You’ve got Mission Street, which is almost Central American with its sounds and smells, and then you’ve got Valencia with all the great restaurants and new development. There was this worry when we first opened that the locals wouldn’t like us, that we’d come across as another upscale coffee bar, but it’s been great, the community has be really supportive and it feels a little bit like we’re a lynchpin between the two streets.

Read on for more info on the food and espresso, vandalism abatement strategies, and more.

3 Responses to “Linea Caffe: Espresso and waffles and salads and being a part of the neighborhood”

  1. GG says:

    Weirdly, the Linea Caffe website is blocked at work because it’s categorized as “Suspicious”… maybe they’re worried we’ll be tempted to flee the office in search of DELICIOUS WAFFLES

  2. I’m a fan of the Linea too. Seems like there’s more and more deep fried places and less salads in the neighborhood. I even snuck them into this year’s 24hr comic

  3. *ahem* says:

    “New settlers?” Who you calling immigrant? pilgrim.