Feral hawk rules the wild animal park that is 14th and Folsom [NSFV]

As anyone who has seen this happen at some point during their daily travels through the city (or past the Metreon) can attest, it never gets any less rad, as photographer Brandon vividly describes:

The pigeon was still alive while the hawk was eating it!

Indeed.  So, Pigeon, think about that while you sit on the stoop right outside my bedroom window that doesn’t open, endlessly cooing and cooing as you go about setting up your pigeon nest.

This hawk is coming for YOU!

[Hawk photo by Brandon T.]

18 Responses to “Feral hawk rules the wild animal park that is 14th and Folsom [NSFV]”

  1. missionking says:

    love me some dead pigeons

  2. shubacca says:

    I saw almost this exact thing happen on 18th between Valencia and Mission a couple of weeks ago. Although I think the pigeon was already dead. I wonder if this is the same hawk. That bird was HUGE. He was just hanging out in the gutter with the dead pigeon grasped in his talons while people crowded around and took pictures. He looked around for a minute and then took off…

  3. MrEricSir says:

    Bert would be devastated.

  4. Looks like a (juvenile?) Cooper’s hawk (Accipiter cooperii). They are somewhat adaptable to urban environments due to their fondness for eating rock doves.

  5. Kenz says:

    +1 for rock doves!

  6. Kenz says:

    Also, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one what has been maddened by the endless coo-coo-cooing of nesting pigeons outside my bedroom window.

  7. Emo says:

    We really need a lot more of these badass hawks in the City. Loving this guy..

  8. Tom says:

    are you using this as a sutble metaphor for what is happening in San Francisco ?
    “Warch out for the techie-hawks…they’ll eat you poor pigeons alive!” Was this staged ?
    What should we do about ? A rally in the Mission and down SOMA demanding this massacre be stopped immediately before the pigeon population is decimated or driven out of the city ?

    You are cunning person…who do you really represent?

  9. Tom says:

    So it’s true !
    Covert and dastardly machinations involving ritualistic animal sacrifice…will people”s stop at nothing ?!
    Poor Mandela is not yet cold in his grave and the blood-letting has begun.
    What is it that is demand ? More google buses, free rent,? Please return upon the negotiating table…no more pigeons need to die !

  10. Lamb says:

    This morning a large hawk was perched on top of a building on Mission between 15th and 16th, eyeballing the pigeons on Wiese Alley. Then, a far larger hawk darted down from nowhere and engaged in a protracted, rolling, talon-bearing tussle with the original hawk.

    I’m hoping that one of them will eat the pigeons I’ve got in my walls, too.

  11. one says:

    “Feral” hawk? What do you think it is, a canary?

  12. Anarchist in $300 Jeans says:

    All unchained hawks are Feral – poster don’t know what the word means.

  13. greenland whale fisheries says:

    not feral

  14. Oyster Boy says:

    I was downtown, can’t remember where now, but I think in the block in front of the library? Anyway, just as I walked past an empty, weed strewn lot, a hawk swooped down and nailed a large rat. This was probably about 5 years ago. Glad to read the hawks haven’t been evicted, or found co-housing or something.