Google Glassception

Just chillin’ in fronta Zeitgeist.

[Photo by Kevin Woodruff]

23 Responses to “Google Glassception”

  1. anadromy says:

    He’s glassing his iPhone so hard!

  2. Ariel Dovas says:

    I’m scared that he could take a picture of me and put it on the internet.

  3. Haggie says:

    New point for the next Google Glass handbook:

    “Please refrain from wearing Google Glass with Google-branded apparel outside of a Google campus.”

  4. Guest says:

    Fucking hipsters.

  5. OMG LOL says:

    This makes me hard as a rock. Damn, Gina. My eyes are begging for his binary flow.

  6. mike says:

    i gotta admit this is harder than a dude wearing a swastika in this town. add me to your circle homie, klout score +6 points!

  7. John says:

    Funny thing… he works for Microsoft.

  8. Troll says:

    You think he’s rocking the new Google Force 1′s?!

  9. Shakin Allover says:


  10. MissionIndian says:

    It definitely doesn’t look like anywhere around Zeitgeist, just saying!

    • Nappy Bill says:

      Yeah – they did plant those palms – across the street from this kook is that Stuff furniture joint and the pizza place next to the oil changer.

  11. I hate idiots says:

    What a doosh.

  12. poor.ass.millionaire says:

    Dudes got balls for donning the double dose of tech elitism, the shirts and glass. Ay! Ay!

  13. Mamenmelapinga says:

    Is a good thing there’s not many batos locos at the Mission anymore cause you’ll get your ass kicked son…

  14. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    Troll level: Google

  15. Johannes Climacus says:

    I must be 40 becasue back in 1996 this guy would have gotten the crap kicked out of him for going into Zeitgeist looking like that.

    IF Zeitgeist has been taken over now by the proud white tech folk, there is nothing left in SF.

    • Zig says:

      I have never seen anyone for real kicking anyone’s ass at Zietgeist. All posturing since 1998 at least

  16. Kyle says:

    I actually spoke to this dude at Zeitgeist this day. He seemed completely unaware of any of the buzz surrounding Google or tech in SF in general….He told me he lived in Palo Alto and no idea…. When he mentioned he was asked to take his Glass of at the door I thought I was being life trolled.