Burrito Justice live in person, and on the radio!

Today’s a big day for our boy Burrito Justice! Tonight there’s an in-person event at Bender’s:

Bikes to Books Beer Social!

Wednesday, March 5, 7-9 pm

Benders Bar and Grill
806 S. Van Ness, SF

Join Nicole Gluckstern and Burrito Justice, the creators of literary bicycle tour “Bikes to Books,” for an evening of socializing, beer drinking, and map chat at awesome local watering hole Benders on Wednesday, March 5, from 7-9 pm. We’ll be talking up our collaborative map project including new developments, fielding questions, and enjoying some tasty adult beverages in the first of a series of “Bikes to Books” events and meetups planned for 2014. [link]

Awesome! And before that, like RIGHT NOW, Burrito and Nicole Gluckstern are live on BFF.fm for this week’s edition of Burrito Justice Radio. Tune in: http://BFF.fm

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