Coffee the sport

Jason Kottke writes:

Coffee, like almost everything else these days, is a sport. Everyone has a favorite team (or coffee making method or political affiliation or design style or TV drama or rapper or comic book), discusses techniques and relives great moments with other likeminded fans, and argues with fans of other teams. The proliferation and diversification of media over the past 35 years created thousands of new sports and billions of new teams.

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[Photo by Josh Nguyen]

3 Responses to “Coffee the sport”

  1. of course says:

    I think the author is confusing the term “sport” with the term “competition.”

  2. sporty spice says:

    sports:fun :: foodies:tedious

  3. scum says:

    And like sports, coffee is over hyped and over analyzed. What’s next, fantasy coffee leagues.