3D photograph of a tipped Smart Car

See the SFist report “Local Pranksters Are Flipping Smart Cars for Kicks” for the story.

See Doc Pop‘s weekly Mission Mission column “3D City” for more 3D fun.

[via Doc Pop's non-blog]

6 Responses to “3D photograph of a tipped Smart Car”

  1. James O'Boston says:

    These 3D’s are looking less dimensional to me lately. Is it possible I’m going colour blind?

  2. Fjohuers Lykkewe says:

    There’s something creepy to me about the way these incidents are being reported on and rubbernecked, like “not good, but actually kind of funny!” Causing thousands of dollars of damage and ruining a stranger’s week isn’t cute; it really sucks and I wish no such stress on my fellow man.

    Now, if it were PT Cruisers on the other hand…

    • Fjohuers Lykkewe says:

      Also, cars don’t have hind legs so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that eye witness testimony…