Saddest beer garden in the world


21 Responses to “Saddest beer garden in the world”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    They got screwed by NIMBYs. Should have probably done their homework better, but still a bummer.

  2. Sam says:

    Oh still not open?

  3. dude says:

    I wonder how their business will do now that there aren’t a bunch of drunks staring out the door of a bar pointed right at a pizza joint.

  4. Nick says:

    It’s got a solid pizza, might be a little more costly than normal. Too bad they couldn’t get the proper permitting to open the back up. Would have made for a nice spot :(

  5. Glasshole says:

    It’s mediocre, overpriced pizza in an uninspiring location.

  6. J-Lub says:

    I was unimpressed with their slices. The Pizza Shop on 24th is way more tasty.

    • Old Mission Neighbor says:

      I agree, the Pizza Shop has much better pizza. Rustic’s advantage was supposed to be that they served beer outside and had bocce. Until that happens, there’s no reason to come here.

  7. JohnnyL says:

    Goddam NIMBYs!

  8. TinyTim says:

    Once you put “artisan” in the description you know it can’t be that good. Safeway sells “artisan” items; I make “artisan” items in my “country kitchen”; I even went to summer camp with Artie Zahn; if the waitstaff refer to it as artisaaan (accent on the last syllable), then you know it’s not the real deal. My Italian nonna made pizza “from scratch” and didn’t call it “artisan”. She grew grapes in the backyard and we all crushed the grapes with our feet. We didn’t call it locally-sourced (from our backyard) and sustainable. We simply enjoyed it and relished the time spent with our families.

  9. RedPill says:

    Doesn’t help that it smells like piss right outside the door.. Is that the Artisan part?

  10. Tora Bora says:

    What’s the deal? Can someone explain? Is this about some pathetic swine complaining about noise? I’m okay with that for late night places but a little beer garden? Just give the swine some free beer once in a while and they’ll be happy bacon soon enough… silly humans.

  11. Oyster Boy says:

    I would pay SO much if I could only have steaming hot pizza AND bocce. Why OH WHY can this not be so?? God, is this Poughkeepsie or what?