Thursday morning music moment: Luke Sweeney gets beat up by Social Studies and tossed by Two Gallants

This one begins at the beach, exactly in the spot where YOU should have been last night because it was so damn hot, then hops on over to Secret Studios to hang out with ALL THE BANDS.  Guest-starring the aforementioned Social Studies, Two Gallants, and a whole bunch of other rad SF bands, this little ditty should help you make it through this sultry day.  And if you want to hear more, Luke’s playing again on Friday, May 30th at the Starry Plough.

Btw, for those of you loving this lovely Ocean Beach bonfire weather, know that your days of burning desiccated Christmas trees on the beach may be numbered if the National Parks Service goes through with their proposed ban on bonfires after 9pm.  WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

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