Thieves hijack Sean Lennon’s beats near Franklin and Hayes

From Mr. Lennon’s ‘gram:

Our percussionist Connor Grant’s laptop was stolen today in San Francisco! Our van window was smashed this morning as he was getting coffee near Franklin and Hayes. BIG REWARD if computer is returned unharmed! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If anyone knows anything pleeeeease contact us at

My dad’s car got burgled on that exact same block a couple months back. I guess, never park on that block!

[via Sarah Lane]

7 Responses to “Thieves hijack Sean Lennon’s beats near Franklin and Hayes”

  1. Sucks says:

    Man that sucks. I’ve had my car broken into close to there and its more of a headache than anything else.

  2. Haggie says:

    Anyone that leaves anything of value in a parked car in SF is clearly from out of town.

    You could take a dump in your own passenger seat and someone would smash a window to steal it.

  3. Ben says:

    That’s super lame. Kind of a sweet picture though.

  4. Marijke says:

    this photo is incredible.

  5. Oyster Boy says:

    Using this logic, never park anywhere in San Francisco. Or is there a block where a car’s never been broken into? Into which a car has never been broken?

  6. Sam Gonzalez says:

    would you post this if it was anyone else’s car. fuck sean lennon.