Robin Williams’ TV guest appearances, ranked

Our pals at 7×7 today ranked Robin Williams’ movies, which got me thinking: I should rank Robin Williams’ TV guest appearances. And so:

  1. Louie (Episode: “Barney/Never”)
  2. Friends (Episode: “The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion”)
  3. Homicide: Life on the Street (Episode: “Bop Gun”)
  4. The Larry Sanders Show (Episode: “Hank’s Contract”)
  5. Happy Days (Episode: “Mork Returns”)
  6. Happy Days (Episode: “My Favorite Orkan”)
  7. Max Headroom (Episode: “Max Headroom’s Giant Christmas Turkey”)
  8. The Larry Sanders Show (Episode: “Montana”)
  9. Life with Bonnie (Episode: “Psychic”)
  10. Law & Order: SVU (Episode: “Authority”)

Am I right or am I right?

3 Responses to “Robin Williams’ TV guest appearances, ranked”

  1. Xianhang Zhang says:

    #2 is Robin Williams on Wilfred:

  2. eerie timing…now he’s dead :(