Mystery bench on 26th and Mission

Just what is the deal with this weird bench?  Says our pal Carlos:

It’s a bench on 26th and mission for absolutely no reason. It just faces a pole with its back to the intersection and there is no bus stop there (even though there is a bus in photo haha). Or maybe it’s a relic from a very old bus stop?

Ooh, maybe it’s a Thommason!!! Perhaps noted Mission historian Burrito Justice can shed some light on this conundrum. Until then . . . IT IS A MYSTERY 👻

18 Responses to “Mystery bench on 26th and Mission”

  1. Jorge says:

    That’s 25th and Mission.

  2. JOHN says:

    It’s a toilet.

  3. timbo says:

    I always just figured it was for people waiting for a spot at Red’s. That what I use it for, anyway.

  4. MrEricSir says:

    There used to be a lot more street benches. All the ones that were long enough to sleep on got removed, which may explain why this one was spared.

  5. that dude says:

    dude. go across the street and you have run with more benches that look exactly like that.

  6. I’ve got nothing on the bench, but this description of Mission St in the 70s by Guero, including the red & blue tiles is pretty cool.

    He was on my show a few months back if you want to hear more relatively recent Mission history.

  7. Well it’s not there in 1933.

    OK, fine, 2882 Mission is about three stores down the Red Cafe, but a “Mission Sandwich Shoppe” would make serious money today.

  8. one says:

    Christ, you people.

    It’s in constant use and guess what? IT’S JUST LIKE EVERY DAMN BENCH ALONG MISSION ST.

  9. Missionish says:

    Elderly men sit on those benches. It can fit two or three of them. They kind of hand out and talk or just sit. . .

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