In defense of Burning Man, sort of

Last week we had occasion to revisit the age-old question of whether or not Burning Man is stupid. It seems most of us still agree that indeed it is.

But then yesterday our pal Dirty Diana posted this photo of a fortune cookie fortune she received once upon a time on the playa, and I think it’s pretty cool:


6 Responses to “In defense of Burning Man, sort of”

  1. seafoam says:

    That’s right Allan, it’s called Elf Spice. Smoke it.

  2. Brillo says:

    Rumi or Kurtz?
    “I am above their timid, lying morality, and so I am beyond caring.”

  3. Blexxxxch says:

    It’s probably stupid till you go there and have a profound experience, then you come back home and it becomes stupid again.

  4. anadromy says:

    So they’re passing out lines from Kevin Costner movies at BM now?