The Real (fake) Wolverine

Sure, they have movies at places like The Metreon, where you can get some fro-yo in the lobby, or Sundance Kabuki Cinemas where you can pay a mandatory convenience fee because they compost, or you can see a movie at The Balboa, where they show you a whole ‘nother mini movie before the actual movie! Check out The Wolverine, starring a few buddies of ours:

Cynic Cave: Live comedy in a basement on Valencia Street

Look at that lineup! RSVP and invite your friends!

Fantasy BART

Prompted by the very popular map of SF for New Yorkers we posted just a little while ago, @mrsketchee shared this fantasy of a New York-style subway system in SF.

Can you imagine???


Kids say the darnedest things, on the bus

Escape Fro

Our friend Joe spotted this hip little eatery, which has just established itself right next to Revolution Cafe. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m a little burnt out on all of these new restaurants opening up in the neighborhood.

Chris Garcia on WTF podcast

Ex-Mission stand-up comic Chris Garcia has done us proud and popped up on the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. In the stand-up world, that’s basically like getting an interview on Letterman. Big things for this guy, I predict. One day I’ll proudly say, “man, I remember when he was working on that ‘homeless man who only speaks in early 90s song lyrics’ bit at the Dark Room.”

Apparently Chris isn’t only in LA to “make it”. His dad lives down there and has been struggling with Alzheimer’s so he moved to be closer to family. That totally sucks, obviously, but Chris manages to tell us all about it with the typical comic coping mechanism of hilarious jokes.

Here it is. Fast forward to the 30-minute mark for his segment, if you want to skip Andy Dick, who even sober manages to be a trainwreck.

[via WTF]

And here’s his bit on the Mission, because we like to re-watch it every couple of months:

Fresh Wreath Breaths!

I must be some kind of marketing genius, ’cause the first thing I thought when I saw that sign was that after Christmas they could easily modify it to sell to a breath mint company!

Voilà! The graphic mostly works too!

Geriatrification of the Mission

Our pal Sweet T (who shot the photo and wrote the above headline) explains:

This photo was shot yesterday around 2pm. A bus pulled up and dropped off all these elderly folks at Tacolicious. There are a couple theories floating around that might explain this: 1. They got lost on their way to Tartine OR 2. They’re filming the third installment of the Cocoon trilogy right here in the Mission.

Talented improv crew, ‘on the level of Chicago and NYC,’ moving to the Mission

They’re called Endgames Improv, the fun starts TONIGHT, and here’s what our in-the-know pal Jon Skulski has to say about them:

Two year old crew is moving to the mission, weekly shows thurs & friday. I’m doing some work with them and I’m very excited. They’re talented folks, on the level of Chicago & NYC. I think it’s gonna be a good scene.

Can’t wait! Here’s how the schedule breaks down:


7:30 ($5) – Harold Night

9:00 ($10) – The Showcase

10:30 ($1) – The Improv Jam


7:30 ($5) – Free Range Fridays

9:00 ($10) – Confessions

10:30 ($0) – F!#&ing Free Fridays

A clarification via Twitter regarding yesterday’s ‘Korean daughter/Dolores Park’ joke