If life gives you tagging, make sauropods

So says our pal Deep, who you may remember came home Saturday night to discover that the plyceratops mural in front of his house had been graffiti bombed.  Well, that just gave him an excuse to hang out the next day (which happened to be a lovely sunny Sunday–nice work Indian summer!) with his buddy Adrian again to fix it.

Moreover, in doing so, they actually made it better, adding an additional dinosaur and some other small stuff to cover up parts of the offending tag.  I’m quite inspired by the deep philosophy here:  If someone tags your shit, tag it back!  You can complain all you want and you’ll probably even be right, but the best way to have an effect on the community is to get your hands dirty and do something about it yourself!

Rollin' Deep

It’s always nice when you find out who “that guy” is is. Today, “that guy” is the jolly Indian dude with the bumpin’ speaker-loaded trike. You’ve probably seen him riding around Dolores Park or Sunday Streets and said to yourself, “that guy RULES”.

Well, that guy introduced himself today on our Introduce Yourself page:

Hi folks -

My name is Amandeep but everyone calls me ‘Deep. I’ve lived in the Mission since I discovered it in ’96.

I’m all about making urban spaces the most vibrant, enjoyable and human places possible, and I love our particular slice o’ the planet. I’m doing my best to give back all the awesomeness that is the Mission & SF.

I’m involved in a lot of of SF stuff (SF League of Conservation Voters, SF Bicycle Coalition), local stuff (Dolores Park Movie Night) and my own crazy activities (my flash mob dance parties: flashdance.org) and my roving tricycle sound system – which you’ve probably heard blasting around our ‘hood and Dolores Park :-) (http://www.facebook.com/trikeasaurus)

Rock On Mission Mission!

- ‘deep

Facebook him if you want, and next time you see him say, “What’s up, ‘deep!”

[photo by Velo Vogue]