Women's Bathroom Graffiti at Bender's

Being a man and all, I’ve never been in the powder room at Bender’s, so I sent a covert op into the bathroom armed with a camera so I could see the graff:




Tequila Terror Tuesdays Coming to Bender's


Another shit beer + liquor night at Bender’s?  With the addition of a campy horror flick? Count me in.

Love in the Club


This past weekend was Bender’s 6th anniversary, so team Mission Mission was there in force feasting on buffalo girls, guzzling Tecates and club sodas, and awkwardly dancing to soul music.  Then we spotted the most epic couple breaking it down all over the floor.

Mission Flashback: Ribity Meets Bender's

Ribity Meets Bender's

Shortly after John Kerry botched his campaign for emperor, Ribity was introduced to the window of our favorite bar.

Fucking.  Historic.

(Photo by ClaudineFlickr link)

OMG It's a Face!


The Bender’s projector reminds me of WALL-E.

Tragedy Strikes: Two Chefs Quit Bender's

Tusks at Bender's

We regret to inform readers that we have recently learned that the two main cooks at Bender’s Bar & Grill have moved on.  After I stopped crying into my PBR, I tried every piece of fried and tacoed seitan on the menu from the new cook, Justin.  Here is the breakdown:

  1. The beer-battered seitan is still the best dish you can order anywhere in the Mission.**
  2. The tacos are still delicious but not nearly as gluttonous.
  3. The Buffalo girls sauce recipe seems to have changed (or, at least, it tasted different).  The panel of drunks feasting on the girls were pretty mixed on the new product.

(Photo Cred MattyMatt)

** Only maybe an exaggeration.  Let’s face it, everything tastes better with Jameson and PBR.